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31. července 2012 v 9:28 | VelkýBubák |  Opening
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tatoeba kimi no sono ude ga
Even If your arms
For instance, even if those arms of yours...

kusari ni tsunagaretemo
are bound by chains
...become entwined in chains.

tatoeba itsuka kono sora ga
Even if the sky
For instance, even if this space we live in...

moetsukite shimau to shite mo
burns out completely one day
...someday will burn completely down...

kibou dake wa shinjite
Believe only in hope
...keep believing in hope, if nothing else.

kagayaku hoshi no kage ni
In the shadows of glimmering stars...

yami ga suberu sekai ga aru
In the shadow of a shining star there is a world controlled by gloom
...there is a world governed by darkness.

tatta hitotsu no inochi
Just one life that is out there...

soko ni tozashita mama ja lonely boy
But you only have one life Don't shut it away there, lonely boy
...if you keep it entrapped there lonely boy.

koko ni bokura ga deatta wake wa
There is definitely a reason why
The reason that we met each other here...

kanarazu aru no dakara ah-ah ah-ah
we happened to meet here, ah-ah ah-ah
...must surely exist.

tatoeba kimi ga kanashimi ni
Even if you collapse
For instance, even if sorrow takes you...

kuzuresou ni natte mo
from sadness
...and you're about to collapse under it.

tatoeba boku no kono mune ga
If my chest
For instance, if my chest can become...

dakitomeru chikara ni nareba
embraces you more strongly
...a power to hold you and keep you there,

asu mo kitto We can survive
Tomorrow surely we can survive
I'm sure that even tomorrow we can survive.

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